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Inspection Services

10% Discount off the Residential or Commercial Inspection Total Price to all Veterans and active First Responders if mentioned prior to billing of the inspections. 

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I am pleased to announce the opening of Trimmer Home and Environmental
Inspections LLC. After graduating High School with a technical background in PHVAC, I started my career in the construction field doing commercial and industrial contracting for large companies in Pennsylvania for years. Being a Professional Home Inspector was always of interest to me. I went through the
Professional Home Inspection Institute and passed the National Home Inspection exam
with an exceptional score. I completed my internship through National Association of
Home Inspectors. Additionally, I earned certifications as a Pest Inspector/ Control
Applicator through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture; Radon
Tester/Remediator; Mold Inspector/Remediator, and Septic Inspector through the
Pennsylvania Septic Management Association (PSMA). In 2005, I launched a remarkably successful inspection company in Central Pennsylvania, formerly known as Trimmer Home Inspections. I performed over 10,000 inspections as a sole proprietor, offering competitive pricing. As a current Certified Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), Trimmer Home Inspections  mission was to inspect, document, and thoroughly explain all readily accessible components of a home/commercial property in an unbiased narrative report
according to ASHI Standards of Practice. I will continue to sustain the same mission
with Trimmer Home and Environmental Inspections. Being an Advanced Septic Instructor and Certified Member of PSMA for 16 years, they voted me onto PSMA’s Board of Directors and Ethics Committee. Due to my irrefutable understanding and knowledge of septic systems, and at the request of the President of PSMA’s Board of Directors and all Board Members, I will continue my obligation to PSMA for the remaining three years of my tenure via video conference. I am currently working towards my Florida septic certification to bring the same professional services to our clients.

Thomas R. Trimmer
ASHI Certified Inspector

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Normal inspection times are 9am and 1pm 
Additional appointments can be made out of regular business hours by contacting my office.

Some start times may need adjusted due to inspection size and distance between inspections.

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Matt C.

"Thank you for your time and thorough inspection."


" We appreciate all your help... Thank you very much!  I enjoyed meeting you and your service to us is very helpful!  I scanned the reports you sent.  I think we will be referring to them for a while now... :-)


Thanks and I hope our paths cross again."


"Thank you very much Tom! I appreciate all your help and info."

Brandon M. 

"Thanks again for the detailed and thorough inspection today Tom. You helped answer many questions we had about the property."

Sanjeev B. 

"Excellent report Tom. Thank you for doing a detailed inspection and taking time to listen to my requirements."

Donna K 

"Letting you know my husband and I backed out of the contract for this house. Too much of a hot mess for us to deal with. You were also right about the garage I went to the Newberry Township office twice as a matter of fact and he said no way about putting a garage under the power lines PPL would never approve of it. He also told me on my second trip up there if you want a garage on property there it had to be 100 ft from the street which would be impossible to. Even the side yard to the left of the house wouldn't have worked. Hopefully we will find another property I will contact you if so for another inspection. Thanks for everything."


"Thank you for the inspection report and taking the time to share your insights with us yesterday. You really made us feel comfortable with our decision. We would quickly and confidently refer you to our friends."


“It was definitely a pleasure to meet such a knowledgeable inspector.  You made the process very worthwhile.”


“Thank you, Thomas. Your honesty and time was rather refreshing and is greatly appreciated, however after careful evaluation and consideration, I have decided to withdraw my current offer on the property. The good news is, as I continue to search for my first home into next year I know who I will be calling for my next home inspection (you!).”


"Thanks again for an excellent home inspection. I made sure to tell our realtor, Holly Verdelli, how pleased I am that she recommended you. I wanted to let you know we are mailing out a check this evening to pay for the services. I'm sorry for the lateness as I should have looked more at the second attachment because I didn't realize it was the invoice. I said last night to Allura that it was strange we didn't get one yet and I would email you this morning only to find out it actually was attached the entire time. Regardless, I was sure to tell everyone I work with about your service and thank you again for such a thorough job."


Construction Engineer

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